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Should you read my book?

Lindsay Says

You should read my book if you answer yes to one of the questions below.

When I set out to write Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide, I had a very specific audience in mind. Number one, as the title suggests, you should lead a business. In my practice, I consult directly with business leaders like you, and that’s who I wanted to address in this book.

If you want to know why I wrote the book, read my post here. It goes into depth on how I take on the challenge of demystifying brand and brand strategy.

Let’s drill down deeper on who should read my book. Which of the following questions speaks to you? Do you:

  1. Yearn to create something truly different and truly enduring?
  2. Ever say that your customer is “everybody”?
  3. Have trouble galvanizing employees to a common purpose?
  4. Believe that you have the best product, but getting others to discover it is the problem?
  5. Want to create value not just for today, but for the years and decades to come?
  6. Get caught up in chasing flavor-of-the-day ideas?
  7. Assume that brand belongs in marketing?
  8. Recognize that brand positioning is important, but feel overwhelmed or intimidated or turned off by its fuzziness?
  9. Sometimes feel the efforts of your leadership team and employees are spread thin?
  10. Feel drawn to storytellers?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, read my book. You can order it directly from my website.

I’m thrilled that many of my marketing heroes and mentors have read the book and generously shared their thoughts. Listen to what some of these highly respected marketing experts say about Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide:

“I found myself nodding in agreement, page after page.”
David Aaker, Professor Marketing Strategy, U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business
“Want to better understand strategy? This is the book for you.”
Jonah Berger, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, bestselling author of Contagious and Invisible Influence
“This is the brand-building bible that all brand managers should use and all business schools should teach.”
Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do and FUSION
“Lindsay powerfully lays out why brand is the biggest source of value creation.”
Tarang Amin, CEO, e.l.f. Cosmetics

Thank you to all my teachers, including my wonderful clients, from whom I’ve learned so much. I could never have written this book without your help, support and insights.

Order Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide, here.

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