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How can I discern my optimal brand positioning?


Differentiation is the foundation of a thriving business, and therefore of a thriving brand.

But remember something. You’re not trying to be different just to be different. You don’t want to just claim any old white space in your market. What matters isn’t only that it’s different, what matters is that it’s different in a way that customers care about. An ironclad brand positioning captures the intersection of different and customer-meaningful.

As you explore how your business can strike this intersection, consider using our Uncommon Denominator framework to spur ideas for positions that are both different and customer meaningful.

You have a circle for your Customer Desires, a circle for your Competitor Strengths, and a circle for your Company Strengths. You go ahead and inventory each of these three circles with all that you know about them.

  • What are the deep customer desires among those you serve?
  • What is your competitor good at?
  • And, what are you good at?

In his book Behind the Cloud, Mark Benioff of Salesforce talks about how meaningful one of these times of reflection was for him. No one seemed to like sales automation software, but every company still used it. So, Benioff wondered about offering a product that would increase productivity by the same amount as other sales automation software, but would be easy.

Benioff was identifying a meaningful customer desire that no competitor was answering. Instead of building a brand that was incrementally better than the others, he built a brand that was truly different.

Think about your brand. Are you striving to be incrementally better than the others? Or are you showing up as truly different?

Remember: the most value-creating brands dominate their promise. They show up not just as better, but as different.

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